CAD Alert is a cloud application that receives dispatches from Fireboard and notifies personnel when a new incident occurs (similar to how CodeMessaging, CADPage, and Chief Mobile work). In addition to notifying responders when new calls come in, it also maintains a database of those calls and updates them as Fireboard provides more information. You can search for any call and find the address, building name, call type, incident numbers (for all departments involved), truck times (for all departments involved), dispatcher notes, and area alerts (such as drafting locations, police warnings about anti-EMS homeowners, etc.). In addition, it overlays the county building, address, and hydrant info on a Google map.

CAD Alert allows you to integrate with other tools by subscribing to events (in this case, "incident created" and "incident updated" events) using web hooks. When one of those events occur, an HTTP POST operation with the incident data is sent to a web endpoint of your choosing.

Emergency Reporting

CAD Alert supports automatic incident report creation in Emergency Reporting. A new incident report will be created as soon as all of your department's units have a clear time. It'll populate "Basic Info 1" with everything except Incident Type (it sets that to 900 as a placeholder), "Basic Info 3" with the address information (it can't fill out Facility Name due to ER limitations, and it'll fill out Property Use if possible), "Basic Info 4" with all of the responding units and their times, and "Basic Info 5" with a default "Investigate" action (or "Cancelled en route").

With automatic incident report creation, you can reduce your department's incomplete report percentage. With reports automatically created, your members can hold each other accountable for making sure that the report is completed, since it appears in the system as soon as the call is over.

For more information, see the documentation.